What is a folk high school?

In a nordic folk high school students learn, develop and grow without the pressures caused by tests, exams, marks or other measuring of skills. Here the students choose their main course based on motivation. Most of the activities are practical, like learning crafts, dancing, singing, acting, playing an instrument, paragliding or going on expeditions. A student doesn’t need marks for getting to Everest Basecamp to see the sun light up the worlds tallest mountain. Our students learn by doing activities. Their motivation is their «motor». They will carry their experiences the rest of their lives as qualities. They don’t need a diploma full of evaluations and marks. They carry their learning within, not on a piece of paper. And it is so much to learn, so many activities and so many possibilities.

Folk high school – much more than your primary course

It is important to notice that subjects you will participate in are so much more than your primary course. Be prepared for exciting electives, engaging common classes, a great variety of seminars, trips and a very social year. We also have focus on solidarity and philanthropy, and share a common effort to make the world a little better.

Here you can read more in detail what a Folk High School is

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